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Well, here we are the end of my 13 year school life ( which is great!) and the start of a whole new chapter if you like, University beckons and now a whole two months of nothing to do. Nothing to do but lots to think about. Just to sit and contemplate the universe ( for about 5 minutes then get back onto Facebook. :P ) Pretending to know exactly what I want to do with my life although I don't actually have a clue, if anyone has any suggestions????
A week ago I was off on holiday with my bunch (The banana bunch, well some of them) and lazing around doing absolutely nothing at the same time as doing so many things e.g. climbing over an assault course 30 feet in the air! When we would stay up late watching films and looking at the stars, when your in the middle of nowhere they look pretty good. Oh and to top it all off we found the most random thing , a milk and cheese vending machine ( no I'm not joking!).
Anyway a good friend told me that night when gazing at the stars that because of t
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 I hope my thoughts and opinions will hopefully make others think too.


At my University today I had a lecture with Dr. Richard Davey on Anslem Kiefer. I have never heard of Kiefer’s work before today and I left the seminar room with my perspectives warped yet solidified.

It seems like studying Drawing and Print, or any art based subject at Degree level does not only enable a young artists like me to hone their skills over three years, but opens your thoughts to form your individual opinions based upon new information.

I do not hate nor love Kiefer’s work, truth be told it does not matter what I think of the work he produces – but rather of what it makes me think about. It seems that to me currently, in modern times, art can be twisted, warped and interpreted in so many ways that no work is able to stand by itself and evoke the correct feelings as judged by the maker.

It appears to be impossible to understand certain pieces without knowing the artists exact motivations or thoughts behind it. Looking at the slide show today – with photographs of Kiefer’s studio where Davey had visited (which seemed to show old rifles, pieces of rubble and very large mixed media paintings); and then hear about Kiefer’s original influences (which seem to be that his pieces are about atoms and that things are always in flux) made no correlation to me in my young mind.

If you want to make a piece of artwork about atoms – then why not make that a clear goal when you produce the work? Why would the artist stack bricks on top of a bicycle to show this? Why do, in particularly modern artists, feel it is their right to have only the ‘knowledgeable’ or ‘artistically minded people’ truly understand their work, and leave the 99% of the audience cold?

When I visit a gallery I do not want to perform a chore to understand a piece. I want the piece to immediately show me what it is about and then allow me to interpret it in numerous ways so I can relate to it as much as I can. People off the street should have as much validity in their interpretation of a painting as a scholar; otherwise I see that piece as redundant. Art should transcend intelligence, race and class and as a singular object make you feel something profound, new or nostalgic.

If you need a book or a few essays on your thoughts beside the piece to understand the motivations of you the artist, I believe you are not seeing the point of fine art. Fine art is about feelings displayed in a contained space, which you can wonder in an out of as you browse the gallery walls.  Modern art seems to no longer be able to stand alone and be taken in correctly without extensive pre-knowledge. And yet we as a naïve audience are penalised for being ‘ignorant’ when we cannot make a wild jump from A to Z to truly ‘get’ the thing we are looking at.

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United Kingdom
I'm Laura and I have been eagerly looking at DeviantART for some time now, often looking through the art works throughout the day and night. Now I have decided to take the plunge and sign up as I would like more people to be able to see what I do!

Im just starting my A Levels, which unsurprisingly as I'm on here, includes Fine Art. I have been drawing for some time now, I'd guess since I was at the zoo when I was about five, when I saw this old man drawing a tiger in chalk pastels. I told my mum how I thought that that was amazing but I was too shy to go over to him and tell him how brilliant I thought he was :/ But I guess that was the point I decided to spend lots of time drawing animals and people, and after years of practising I think I'm now reasonably good.

Now I've finished my GCSE's I am still very undecided about what I want to do with my life. My ambition would be (in a dream world) to become a professional artist, as most of my family and friends have said (kindly) that in could do it. However, I know there are many downfalls and it is difficult to become noticed and successful in the art world; so I haven't yet decided what to do with my life which means I'm taking a broad lot of A Levels!

And that's about it, I will welcome any criticism you give me and in hope you like my stuff :D

Laura xxx


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